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About Ain KOHGEN

A Mystic. The originator of KOHGEN-Energy-Meditation- Therapy.

A KOHGEN Artist who sing and play the Tune of the Divine World

A Figurative Painter who depicts the Providence and Will of God.

She has been familiar with mystic experiences since 5 years old.

While continuing with the fusion experience with the universe at various sacred places all over Japan, she was guided by the will of the source of light, carried out an act of fasting in the primeval forest for seven days when she was 22 years old. As a result, a《symbol of Kohgen》arose during the fusion with the whole of creation, and accomplished to encounter《KOHGEN》.

By the will of Kohgen, she disengaged from the world and secluded herself for 6 years in order to ordinate the structure and truth of all form of life with which the Kohgen systematically presents to tolerate the world of humans.

While writing The Treasure of Kohgen of the Universe, she was endowed with the“New Doctrine,” the “KOHGEN-Energy-Fused-Meditation,” and the “Map of Life” to become 【Perfect-Being】.

Guided by Jerusalem in 2016, she accomplished to fuse with the will of the creation of all things. She perceived the warnings to today’s mankind and the light that needs to be brought down to mankind. She swore an oath that transcended time and space, and underwent a divine experience that revealed the destiny. She received the【Book of Love】that shines gold from the will of creation at the sacred place Garden of Gethsemane and was told to deliver it to mankind.

In November 2019, she participated in the "VOLTA New York 2020" art fair in New York in March 2020, having received an order from KOHGEN to disseminate the will of God from abroad. She makes her debut as a contemporary art artist and brings KOHGEN's treasures to New York.

Living with sacred beasts such as a pony, peacock, parrot and cats, surrounded by the deep blue ocean and the sun of Okinawa, she circulated《One Breath - One Pulse》along with the universe and dedicates herself to singing and playing the Shion, the sound of the heavenly realm and depicting art works brought by God.