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> About KOHGEN

“‘The Treasure of KOHGEN’ has begun due to my decision of saving mankind beyond  religion.” -KOHGEN

“KOHGEN (Light Source)” is something that has existed before the creation of the universe. It is the “will of creation” from the origin. It is the “circle of life” which is an eternal cycle of “power” – “love” – and “mercy.” It is the “truth,” the “order,” and the “true freedom” that supersede the bias of the understanding of mankind.

What Kohgen wants to deliver to mankind of the 21st century is the “the treasure of returning to the god and birth.”

To guide mankind once again, it is reaching its hand of the guide of light towards mankind.

Kohgen, in order to deliver the “truth” and “reality” to mankind, has entrusted the “KOHGEN Treasure” below to Ain KOHGEN.

‒ Education

“Three Treasures of Love, Mercy, and Eternity” and “Importance of Love”
“Returning to God and Birth” and “Creation and Tolerance”
“Sacred Lesson” that is born as “Sacred Will”

‒ Practice

“Sacred Body” and “Tree of Life”
“KOHGEN: Meditation of Fusion with the Universe” – Participation in the divine act of “Circle of Life”
“Fusion Breathing of the Eight Gates” and “Ritual of the Opened Brain”


> About the Treasure of KOHGEN

“KOHGEN Meditation” and “Sacred Lesson” that Kohgen carries which allows you to naturally fuse into the flow and circulation of a breath of Kohgen that are the ways for returning and birth; that is the treasure of Kohgen.

Let go of the cages and spells made of illusion that covers the soul such as cause and result, good and evil, and light and darkness, and bloom as your true form of self – the “sacred will.” That will make you immediately shift to the true birth.

By connoting the whole universe and all lives, as well as fusing into the act and order, namely the breath and pulsation of the Kohgen itself that flows and circulates within all things at all times, you will perform the act of god itself with Kohgen and with the universe.

At that time, you will be overflowed with the “true prosperity and fertility” beyond your imagination and cognition. And you will become an existence that brings the “true prosperity and fertility” to all forms of life.

“KOHGEN Treasure” is a treasure of all things that are the “love, mercy, and eternal force” as well as the “love, mercy, eternal breath, and pulse” that flows within the god itself who engages in all lives as one life form inside the circulation of the circle of life.


> About KOHGEN’s Fusion Meditation - Fusion Respiration

The breath of Kohgen that always flows within the circulation of the circle of life…

“pass and receive   receive and pass”

“influence each other   serve each other   love each other   shape each other”

“a giving life   a given life”

I who simply exist within the reverberating sounds of god.

You will be blooming your “true form of self” as one of the flowers of all lives.

The form you will become then is beyond what your form currently appears to be

You “blooming to become your true form” is your happiness and joy, as well as the joy and happiness of all living things…

To exist within the order and circulation of god that all living things manage as one makes you the “true you”.

The form of you that interweaves within the performance of god, the form of you that makes love and mercy and eternity travel inside all forms of life, is the true you.

What is here is the true freedom and joy.

Joy that comes from the fact that you exist and travel within one breath and one pulse.

The breath and pulse that were offered to lives that lost their true form are the gift and helping hand from the whole universe.

You just have to surrender yourself to the hands of Kohgen that are currently reaching out from you and the universe.

Then, the waves of breath and the waves of pulse shall guide you to the circulation of the workings of the universe.

God’s order, god’s workings, god’s breath and pulse, have all been brought on earth as KOHGEN Meditation.