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Kohgen Energy Meditation Therapy

─What would it bring you?

This Meditation Therapy that will bring a deep relaxation shall release the fundamental power of life that lies in each person, and shall spread the true happiness and freedom to yourself and others around you, then the whole world, then the whole universe.



─What are you actually going to do?

Repeat the respiration with all lives, cast off yourself that is captured by stereotypes and emotions, and fuse with the fundamental power. In the KOHGEN Meditation Therapy, the meditation method brought by the fundamental power of life and the sacred lesson will be carried out at the same time.

Everyday Practice: 3 minutes of KOHGEN Energy Meditation Therapy Everyday

Feel that the earth, the heaven, the trees, the flowers, the sun, the sea... and the breaths of lives are all flowing within the exhaled breaths.
Feel that the winds that flow through the entire earth, stars in the universe, small lives, big lives, dead lives, born lives, all sorts of lives are all flowing within the inhaled breaths.
We shall continue respiring with all living things, again and again, deep and easy.

At that time, you have no anger, no sorrow, no agony, no fear, or nothing inside you.
All there is is the power of life.
Emit life and accept life ─
Give life and given life ─

You yourself will be an existence that give life the power of life, as well as an existence that is given the life by other lives.

One respiration ─
One pulsation ─
Fuse into that work of love, and repeat the respiration while feeling that you yourself are the work of love and the work of God that will spread forever.

KOHGEN Energy Meditation Therapy Workshop

The first and fourth week of each month, Friday to Sunday Meditation Therapy workshops will be held at the KOHGEN DIVINE ART GALLERY.

Detailed schedule and membership fees will be announced on the website at a later date.


K.M.T.W. Training course

- 1 day course
- 2 day course
- 3 day course


Workshop contents


- "Holy Lesson": Lecture
Learn the invisible world that envelops, nurtures, and lives your visible world. Knowing the shape and structure of your true world is a solid foundation for the growth of meditation practice.


- "Meditation": practice
It teaches you how to get rid of all of your body, mind, illusion, and soul armor.
Your presence is pure “Holy Will”.
You melt into and fuse with all of the creatures in the Universe and become one with them.
You take part in the expanding Circle of Life, the law of Creation and Birth, and the low of Release and Acceptance.
You will learn the shortest and fastest way to "return to God".